Wednesday, 31 May 2017

#GE2017 Meme Storm: The Best 2017 Election Memes in One Place

Below is a collection of the hottest meme pages and #content to emerge from this unexpected general election - with only seven days to go. 

This list will be updated regularly as we edge towards June 8.


Licentious Liberal Democrat Memes

"A page of juicy and spicy centrist memes with more likes than MPs." 




Snap Election Memes with a Nihilist Theme

"Democracy is a hollow lie. Like this page for the chance to win my vote on June 8th."



Jeremy Corbyn Photoshopped into Appropriate Situations

"Corbz memes for the good of the world. I will be taking requests up until the General Election on June 8th. Where will Corbz be next? You decide." 



Strong and Stable Memes for Sharply Spoken Teens

"Welcome to strong and stable memes for sharply spoken teens. We're the home of the strongest, stablest memes for this UK election cycle." 




Depressed Vegetarians for Corbyn

"This is a pro-Corbyn page for memes, news, awareness, and support for those who need it." 



June 8 Shitposting Social Club

"Like the sound of original June 8 election memes fresh out of the furnace of socialistic fury? Then hit that mf like button."  


General Election Peep Show Memes

"People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can't trust people." 

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