Monday, 6 June 2016

Project Fear: Every EU Referendum Scare Story in One Place!

We should be worried. Regardless of which we we vote, Britain faces an almighty cataclysm; that is, at least, according to our elected officials.

Think of the EU referendum campaign as being in a state of limbo, or purgatory, from which we will emerge on June 24 into either one form of hellish existence, or into a completely different form of hellish existence.

Below is a list of the most prominent scare stories from the referendum campaign - put forward by both the Remain and Leave side - because, well, you should fully know what you're getting into before you cast your ballot.

Don't say you haven't been warned.


Britain will become a little country "like Guernsey"
Emmanuel Macron | 18 June

Incomes would be permanently lower
IMF | 18 June

The Government would have to introduce an emergency budget with income tax increases and/or massive spending cuts
George Osborne | 14 June 

It could begin the process of the destruction of Western political civilisation
Donald Tusk | 13 June

The pensions 'triple lock' will be scrapped
David Cameron | 12 June

Air pollution in the UK would worsen
IEMA | 10 June

Britain would have no access to the single market 
Wolfgang Shauble | 10 June

A Eurosceptic Tory government would make 2.8% cuts, raise VAT to 22%
Labour In | 10 June

The Northern Ireland peace settlement would be thrown into doubt
John Major and Tony Blair | 09 June 

Poor families will lose as much as £5,542 in tax credits per year
NIESR | 09 June

British business competitivenesss will suffer
Roberto Azvedo | 07 June

It would lead to a sterling crisis
David Cameron | 06 June 

The threat of a terrorist attack will increase
Various former police chiefs | 06 June

Mortgages will rise by nearly £1000 a year
David Cameron | 05 June 

We could lose thousands of jobs in the financial sector
Jamie Dimon | 03 June

Scotland could become independent within two years
Alex Salmond | 26 May

Pensioners could lose £32,000
George Osborne | 26 May 

Britain will face a year-long recession with 500,000 job losses
George Osborne | 23 May

The NHS will be fundamentally damaged
Sir Simon Stevens | 22 May

House prices face an 18% hit
George Osborne | 21 May

We might make ISIS happy
David Cameron | 17 May 

The scale of an imminent recession could be 'pretty bad to very, very bad'
Christine Lagarde | 13 May

It would undermine Britain's national security
Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller | 11 May

Europe could be plunged into another World War
David Cameron | 09 May

Over 100,000 couples could break up
Sian Berry | 25 April

We will be put at 'the back of the queue' for US-UK trade talks
Barrack Obama | 22 April

British households would lose £4300 per year
George Osborne | 18 April

More than 400 top-flight footballers could be deported
Various footballing figures / Karen Brady | 31 March 

The NHS will be starved of funding
Jeremy Hunt | 27 March

Britain could lose up to 950,000 jobs
Confederation of British Industry | 21 March

Spain would invade Gibraltar 'the very next day'
Manuel Garcia-Margallo | 07 March

The cost of flights would skyrocket and tourist safety would be at risk 
Dame Carolyn McCall | 14 February

Calais 'migrant camps' will move to Kent
David Cameron | 08 February 


Britain would be open to an Orlando-style terrorist attack

LEAVE.EU | 13 June

Turkey will be given VISA-free access to the UK; fast-tracked into the EU (£)
Anonymous diplomat | 12 June

Europe will 'drag us into poverty'
Jim Mellon | 07 June

The EU will abolish the monarchy
Ukip | 06 June

Britain will have to pay an extra £2.4bn per year
Boris Johnson | 06 June 

Women face an increased risk of sexual assault by foreign men
Nigel Farage | 04 June

We risk letting people like these 50 'most dangerous' European criminals
Vote Leave | 28 May

There will be a European Union army 
Various | 27 May

The NHS will be fundamentally damaged
Lord David Owen | 22 May

Thousands of criminals from Turkey, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia could arrive in Britain
Penny Mordaunt | 22 May

Up to 12 million Turks say they'll come to the UK
Daily Express | 22 May

We could add up to 5.23m to the UK population
Michael Gove | 20 May

Bananas can't be sold in bunches of more than two or three
Boris Johnson | 17 May

The EU will realise Hitler's ambitions and morph into a superstate
Boris Johnson | 15 May

Young People will be forced out of London
Iain Duncan Smith | 10 May

Millions of Turks will be given free movement rights
Ian Duncan Smith | 10 May

The status of the UK's financial sector could be eroded
Jon Moulton | 29 April

ISIS sleeper agents will exploit open borders to plot attacks in Britain
James Clapper | 27 April

The 'ticking time bomb' will explode, taxes will rise by 18% across the Eurozone
Gisela Stuart | 13 April

Terror suspects will be able to 'waltz into Britain'
Dominc Raab | 30 March

Gypsy gangsters will siphon away millions of pounds in benefits
The Sun | 29 March

Europe will tax your Easter Eggs
Robert Oxley | 28 March

It would undermine Britain's national security
Sir Richard Dearlove | 23 March 

Europe will seize control of British coastguard services
Daily Express | 07 March

Britain risks suffering a 'Paris-style terror attack'
Iain Duncan Smith | 21 February


I'll be updating this list over the next few weeks as we approach the referendum date. Anything I've missed? Just tweet me

Still stuck on which way to vote? Just pick the list of risks, warnings and imminent nightmares that seems the most terrifying, and go with the other option. Now what's so difficult to understand about that?

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